How Healthy Are Your Networks?

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Most of us think about our social media networks or a professional network that we meet with once a month or once a quarter.

How many networks are you a part of?

How much time each week do you spend contributing to and leaning on those networks?

This morning I listened to a fantastic interview on the “How To Be Awesome At Your Job” podcast of Dr. Glenna Crooks of The Network Sage.

Keeping Your Networks in Good Working Order with Glenna Crooks

Dr. Crooks laid out the 8 networks that we are a part of.  She went on to describe how these networks are helpful to us, how they are the “pit crew” that helps us run the race of life, to borrow from Robert Downey Jr.

Just like a racecar would have a difficult time finishing a race well with an underperforming pit crew, we too will have a difficult time in life if our pit crew, our networks, aren’t performing the way they should be.

This also means that we are part of other peoples’ networks and are on their pit crews. Weighty stuff.

I got to thinking about the connections this has with the minimalist movement and its push for quality over quantity.  To own little, but own it well.

Rather than having huge, unwieldy networks of people that you never have enough time to catch up with, do the hard work of paring down your connections.

Build networks with intentionality.

Networks that you can consistently lean on for support in the ups and downs of life.

Networks that let you pour into others the same way they pour into you.


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